Visualization & Designing
Magna Graphics (India) Ltd. is equipped with the best designing and visualization skills in the printing industry. All of us here are dedicated to perfection. We regularly create everything from simple flyers to full-color annual reports.

Our brilliant, innovative and dedicated creative designing team, managed by a group of highly professional (and proficient!) executives, and equipped with the latest equipments and technology, can save a lot of time & money without compromising the quality.

In addition to providing innovative concepts and creative solutions, our exclusive design studio is equipped to analyze and process various kinds of digital images to be printed.

We offer services like…
Handling of text and pictures at every stage of a project.
Retouching and image manipulation.
Transformation of photograph, changing of backgrounds and colors, removal of unwanted details, marks etc.
Designing / Layouts / Visualization done in all styles –contemporary as well as old
Enhancing the look of the final output to add that special touch of class to every product
So before you launch your next graphic design project – in the form of a brochure, catalogue, direct mail etc. – talk to us! We know the mechanical specifications and requirements, papers, envelopes, inks, and graphic design advantages that could make the difference and contribute to the success of your project.

Magna Graphics (India) Ltd. provides processing facilities offering a range of services under one roof. Our processing uses state-of-the-art & updated software & hardware. We are one of the first ones to adopt thermal CtP (Computer to Plate) technology which eliminates positives and the scope for human error.

All monitors are color calibrated along with the digital proofer to match the final offset machine printed sheet.

Our processing team is well trained and is proficient in complex color retouching and color matching, fixing errors, and fine-tuning customer supplied file in both Apple Mac and PC formats. We also have capabilities for Hi-fi color processing with special colors including metallics.

Commercial Printing
Our printing is flawless for the simple reason that we have the requisite latest machinery and talent. No wonder we are capable of handling diverse tasks smoothly, and in the shortest period of time possible! Our High-end printing machinery, Web-offset as well as Sheet fed offset, with a capability of printing 4+4 colors and up to 7 colors UV, over-print varnishes as well as wet-on-wet at large sizes to print special colors give a super final impression to each product and of course, all our products are of international quality. Our specialists take care of that aspect.

Some of the quality control measures we take are...
Print control strip on each sheet to check solid densities, color balances by means of grey balance, Trapping, Slurring, Doubling and Dot Gain
Dust free and temperature controlled shop floors to ensure optimal efficiency
During printing, sheets are checked at regular intervals

Specialty Printing
Variable Data printing
Is a form of on-demand printing in which elements such as text, graphics and images may be changed from one printed piece to the next, without stopping or slowing down the printing process and using information from a database or external file.

Fragrance printing
The process of integrating aromatic oils into printable coatings.

Glow in Dark printing
Glow in Dark or Photo Luminous Technology is the process of absorbing and releasing light energy.

Thermo-chromic (Heat Sensitive) printing
Thermo-chromic (Heat Sensitive) prints change color at different temperatures, and can produce an effect that is desirable for security, brand protection, marketing, and aesthetic purposes.
Post Printing
No job can be complete without the final touches. We provide each job with the highest standards of care and attention. No matter how large or small your project is, it will receive the highest standards of care and attention from our fully trained finishing operators and state-of-the-art automatic machinery ensuring the result you want is achieved.

The different types of binding executed are:
Hard case binding
Section sewing
Perfect binding
Centre Pinning (saddle stitched) and loop pinning
Wire-O- binding
Spiral binding
Finishing processes
Apart from binding, we offer a range of special laminations which include the following:
Cold glue lamination Punching
Full UV Laser cutting
Spot UV (gloss, matt, textured finishes) Special Varnish coatings
Foiling in various shades and colors Guilding
Embossing/debossing Index Cutting
Mailing Services
Mailing Services are a tricky business. At Magna Graphics (India) Ltd. we have a thorough understanding of the complex and varying postal regulations, and the skill and experience to get your printed material into the mail stream in a rapid, economical manner. These skills will help your mailing to be successful.

We provide complete logistics management services with our own transportation systems as well as with the association of major courier companies.

We understand how to design a printed piece that provides the "look & feel" you need, and take into account all appropriate postage discounts available to you.