Magna Graphics (India) Ltd. has a distinguished history of producing books on Business, Current events and Social issues, International Affairs, Politics, Visual and Performing Arts, Mystery, Spirituality, Self Improvement, Social Sciences, Psychology, History, Poetry, Lifestyles, Health and Fitness, Cooking, Romance, Children's Books etc.
These books serve the needs of scholars and general readers alike by providing the best of contemporary learning to the widest possible audience.
Apart from printing our own publications, we also print books from other National & International Publications.

Annual Reports
Taking note of how Annual Report presentations are matters of pride for a company’s corporate image, we at Magna work with great care while handling them. From design, to the copy, order of papers, neatness and strength in binding, it has to be as perfect as it can be. Needless to add, reports are readied and dispatched well within the fixed mailing date. Our efficient set up is such that it lays no stress or worries on the client. Everything is taken care of efficiently and smoothly.

House Journals
Whether it is proofing, layout designing or binding for a classy presentation, we are quite confident of our quality. Our experienced and dedicated set of editors, visualisers, DTP operators, in collaboration with the sophisticated systems in place at Magna, cater to our clients’ ideas, needs and expectations. Clients can see those ideas evolving in front of their very eyes! Magna shapes those evolving ideas into perfect print.

Magna Graphics (India) Ltd., has all the infrastructure required for the various stages of printing and binding under one roof. Utmost care and expertise become evident in the numerous soft and hard bound books printed by us. Magazines like Stardust, Savvy, Society, Citadel, Showtime, Health & Nutrition, Savvy Cookbook, Capital Market, Moneylife, Pidilite Furniture Books and many more including religious books & periodicals for ISKCON are some of the examples in the market for their unmatched printing quality and binding.

Of all the marketing materials your business uses, one of the only ones that stay with your customers for a long time is a calendar. When you give a calendar to a customers, they will use it all year long. Every time they look at it, they will see something relating to your business and your company. If you design your calendars properly, they can turn into long lasting and effective tools for your business. With Magna by your side, your next calendar will be a success. We will help you produce a calendar that will bring in new customers for you all year long.

Every organization has to keep itself alive in the customer’s mind and for this it has to endlessly present them with advertisements and promotion of its products.
Promotional needs of an organization have to be selected very carefully depending on the kind of products or services it intends to sell. We at Magna provide you the best information and also the right kind of promotional products at most reasonable prices, keeping the quality standards high.
Point of Sale Material
Product Catalogues
CD Covers
Wall and table Calendars & many more…