Magna Graphics (India) Ltd. has ruled the way to the top and it attributes this steady success graph to all its associated clients as well as its manpower that includes a team of around 75 well qualified Artists, Writers, Visualizers, Designers and over 1500 personnel from production, QC and R&D, among others. Our various divisions comprising of DTP and proof reading, have personnel who are extremely well qualified and always sincere about their work. Our steady printing and post printing division has the most sophisticated machines and equipments for smooth and flawless printing works which can produce over 3 million magazines and around 2.5 million books and other printed material every month.

Our major group of machinery includes:

High-End Digital Drum Scanners
Flatbed Scanners
Image Setters
Plate Setters
Digital Proofing Machines
Gretag Macbeth Spectro Photometers
Power Machines and PCs
7 color + Coater full Interdeck U.V. Sheet-fed offset machine of size 28"x40"
5 col, 4 col , 2 col & single col Sheet Fed offset machine in various formats
Battery of Heat-set and Cold-set Commercial web offset machines which includes latest Goss machine
Programmable cutting machines
Lamination Machines
Varnishing Machines
Perfect Binding Machines
Three Knife Trimmers
Coating Machines
Cold Lamination Machines
Foil Stamping Machines
Punching Machines
Automatic Folding Machines
Stitching Machines
Gang Stitching Machines
Shrink Wrap Machines, and more.